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This current version is a work-in-progress early access draft of the game for those interested in following its development.

A deer’s antlers curled in bright chrome. Tungsten bulbs burning bright as the amber eyes of owls. Dragons breath not fire, but piercing white noise echoing through the twisting copper valley. Welcome to the Emberwild, where nature has evolved into technology, where magic is indistinguishable from science, and where adventure is found under every floating rock.

Here, a sword’s iron blade might fold out from the neon glow of its hilt, a firearm might be plucked from between the branches of an ancient redwood, or a bow might pulse in the night as the electric current running beneath the ground charges it for tomorrow’s hunt. Cities may be built in trees, and trees may be built of concrete and glass. In this world, nature has eaten technology and regurgitated it as something new. Something strange and beautiful and dangerous. Something wild.

You are Ember’s Children, those brave few who have left behind the comforts of the cities of stone and structure to discover the secrets of this brave new world. From metallic landscapes home to giant beasts, to trees that bloom as Edison bulbs, illuminating the sky like amber stars, the Emberwild is full of incredible sights to behold, treasures to unearth, and mysteries to uncover.

Emberwild is a role playing game for 3-5 players set in an electric fantasy world. It is built using the popular Powered by the Apocalypse framework and utilizes maps and miniature figures to play out key moments in the story. 

If you enjoy the narrative flow of games like Dungeon World and Masks: A New Generation, the tactile map and mini elements of games like Dungeons and Dragons, and the weird and wonderful worlds of games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Numenera, you'll feel right at home.

This is a beta version of the game put here to document its development process. You can download the unformatted in-progress rules for free. Any donations made will help to pay for art and layout for the final product.


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Emberwild Cover (DreamJam).png 11 MB
Emberwild Character Sheets v2.1.0.pdf 5 MB
GM Guide v2.1.0.pdf 775 kB
Emberwild Rules Doc v2.1.0 (UNFORMATTED WIP)
Emberwild Basic Moves v2.2.0.pdf 1 MB

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