Updated Gear!

On the plane to Gen Con yesterday I finally had some time to make the d100 accessories roll table in the gear section, and I'm excited to get to try it out! It's got some really fun stuff in it that I'm sure players will use in interesting and unique ways, so I can't wait to run another playtest with that on the table. Below are a selection of just a few of the accessories you can roll to get:

  • Dragonbloom Tea (Throws flame from drinker’s mouth/Melee/2d12/5 paces [line]/Burning)
  • Ghostsprout (Consume to go through solid objects/+8 to Speed/1 use/Causes 1 harm to user)
  • Flickersteed (Guardian)
  • Lullaby Venum (Apply to weapon/+3d20/1 Use)
  • Breathroot Biting Stick (+1 Precise)
  • Sparkglass (Roll 3d4 and store their results to add to any roll at a later time/1 use)
  • Miliar Water (Refracts light to hide you while standing still. Effect ends when you move/3 uses)
  • Astral Projector (Tag a spot you want to view/3 tags)

Make sure to check out the full roll table in the accessories section for all the goodies! I've also given the manuscript a quick bit of formatting love and care that will hopefully make it easier to navigate, but it will have professional layout done once it's complete.

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has downloaded the game so far, the response has been overwhelming and I'm excited to hear what you think of it!


Emberwild Rules Doc v2.1.0 (UNFORMATTED WIP)
Jul 30, 2019

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